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Lighten Up

Cabinet lighting can add beauty, functionality and value to your project.
This custom cabinet work we installed for Nikki in Cary, NC is a perfect example of how that works. Look at how the combination of lighting and glass shelving brings more light into the room. The glass insert shelves also do a great job of lighting up Nikki’s beautiful display pieces. The artwork in the center is given a place of honor and emphasized by the lighting above it. For this project we chose LED lighting. LED lights come in a variety of styles and intensities, and are recently available in a choice of color “temperatures”. They we’re chosen for this project because of the greater amount of heat generated by their Halogen and Xenon bulb equivalents. LED lights also use much less electricity, and some are now dimmable through a mechanism wired through the transformer. Because they are low voltage, they are operable only through a transformer, and have to be connected individually to the transformer. When designing the construction of this cabinet work, we made sure the transformer had a place out of view, but easily accessible. We also made sure all of the wiring was accessible and easy to service or replace if needed. That’s why I continue to stress to my customers the need for a well thought design. Todays cost saving shortcut will become tomorrows expense, times three.