Planning a Successful Project

“ I  highly recommend Mark Burford and Wood Done Right. They exceeded my expectations at every step. “   Gloria

I love what I do. My whole approach to working with you is to give you a great product and to make your project as enjoyable and easy for you as possible. I find it so satisfying to come into someone's home, collaborate with them to create something that will enhance their lives, and see their reaction as we make it happen. That's why I do this for a living.


Before beginning any custom cabinet project for your home, please review your finances and establish a ballpark budget. In any project, there are many variables affecting cost. By telling me your budget up front, we can design reasonable options to fit it and to guide you in making informed choices. As a general rule of thumb you can expect to spend 75% - 100% more for custom made cabinets than a good quality pre-manufactured piece of the same type. If you want to explore a broader range of options, I’ll be glad to provide a price range for those. At our first meeting, I’ll listen to your needs and make suggestions about how to best meet them. I’ll discuss with you how you want the project to improve how you live in your home. If you have particular design features in mind, I will work with you to develop and refine them. If you have hired a designer and are looking for someone to execute an existing or developing design, I always welcome the opportunity to collaborate.

About Design

A well thought out design is essential to the success of any project you do for your home. Good design is the key ingredient that makes custom woodwork fit your needs and, add value to your home. The design should fit your home as if it were always a part of it, instead of looking like an afterthought. It should be both practical and esthetically pleasing. It has the potential of enhancing the way you live in your home, to make your life there easier and more enjoyable. With many years of practical experience designing cabinetry, furniture and interior spaces to draw from, I can easily make your project better than you imagined it would be. Creating a design and drawing of your project gives us the opportunity to communicate your wishes clearly before we begin any work. It also forms the basis of determining the cost of the project. When it comes time to produce the work for you, it gets used to create shop drawings from. It’s the most efficient possible way for us to give you a product that meets all of your needs while making up a tiny fraction of the overall cost.


At our first meeting, I will create an initial draft design and budget proposal reflecting your needs and wishes. If the budget figures are acceptable to you, I will create a preliminary design and specifications for your project. The fee for this service is five percent of the projected budget cost. If you agree to do the project with me, I will do my best to make sure you understand everything you’re getting, both in terms of the service you’ll receive and the details of the project. I always review the drawings and specifications of a project with my clients in person to give you the chance to make preliminary changes before we finalize the agreement. I then create the final drawings and specifications which form the basis of a fixed price and schedule for the project. We meet to go over all the information so that everything is clear, and review and sign a plainly-worded agreement that includes a work and payment schedule. At no time during your project will you have to ask: how much will it cost, or how long will it take?


After careful planning, we will create your work in our shop using the highest quality materials. Our finishing work is done to a high standard ensuring the longevity of the work. Individual pieces will arrive at your home pre-finished and ready to install. Elements that will be integrated with your home's existing surfaces and woodwork may be final coated after installation with any touch-ups needed to ensure a seamless fit to your house. All of this is done to make the time we will be working in your house as brief as possible. We will always bear in mind that we are guests in your home and will behave accordingly. Often a project will require the services of a painter, sheetrocker, electrician or plumber. We have the privilege of working with qualified, licensed and insured trades people to help us complete the job. The cost and scheduling of their services are part of our original agreement. You will never have to clean up behind us or ask who will be working in your home and when they will be there.


Upon completion of the job, I will look over everything in detail before we do a final walkthrough together. I’m certain you’ll be happy with the results, and I will gladly take care of anything that doesn’t meet your expectations. With your permission, I will document our work to share with others. Your privacy will always be respected. Most of all I value the confidence you have extended to me during my time in your house and hope that I’ll be welcome to serve you in the future.